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It’s Leap Year, and that gives marketers one extra day in February to get their brand noticed. We’re seeing a few themes, and a few standout examples in this year’s Leap Year marketing campaigns.

Make the most of this extra day

Brands like Harley and Nokia are asking their audiences to imagine what they can do with the extra day.

Harley Leap Year Campaign

Harley asks what you will do with 24 hours of extra freedom.

Noikia Leap Year Your Say Campaign

Nokia asks how you will spend your extra day. #YourSay


Literally leaping

Can’t think of a way to tie Leap Year into your brand? Show pictures of people leaping!

Oakley Leap Year Campaign

Oakley: Take a leap of faith #LeapYear

Mint Leap Year Campaign

Mint is running a giveaway, asking people to share how they’re “leaping out of debt” in 2016.

Red Bull and Jason Paul Leap Year Cammpaign

This campaign by Red Bull is actually pretty on brand.


So many frogs

Animals also leap, so these critters are plastered across the Internet on Leap Day. Kudos to Google for getting creative with their leaping animal theme.

Leap Year Stock Frog

This frog is everywhere.

WWF Frog

The World Wildlife Federation frog.

Google Leap Year Doodle

This is the only rabbit we found! Well done Google. Love the doodle!


It’s a day on the calendar

Unfortunately a lot of brands just used a calendar stock photo for the creative, resulting in a wave of visual sameness. The “blue tack” stock photo showed up so frequently, I was happy to see the also highly popular “weathered blocks” calendar photo popping in, just to break up the monotony.

Leap Year Stock Photo

The blue tack!

Blue tack photo.

Really, it’s all over the place.

Leap Year calendar

The shabby chic calendar.

KFC Leap Year Calendar

KFC shakes it up for us!


Promo time!

There are plenty of discounts and promotions delivered through the Leap Year theme. Most have some pricing relating to the 2/29 date, like limited time for $2.29, 29% off or flights for $29.

Krispy Kreme Leap Year

A dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for $2.29.

JetBlue Leap Year

Airline one day sale.

Xero Leap Year Sale

Xero comes in with a bold promotion.


The most surprising campaign: Arby’s

The Arby’s tagline is “We Have The Meats” and they’re promoting a meat-free menu, available only on Leap Day.

Arby’s CMO Rob Lynch explains, “At Arby’s, we’re proud of our meats, but we also understand that meat isn’t for everyone. So we’ve decided to give vegetarians a reason to visit Arby’s on Leap Day by offering a one-day menu designed specifically for them. If it goes well, we’ll likely bring back the vegetarian menu on Feb. 29 each year.”

Arby's Leap Year Campaign

No meat – one day only!


Most committed campaign: Zappos

Zappos filed a petition with to make Leap Year a federal holiday. They are supporting this with their #TakeTheLeap campaign while also shutting down shop for the day – even their call center.

Zappos Take the Leap

Now that’s commitment! #taketheleap

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 11.31.40 PM

One to watch

Buzzfeed and NBCUniversal have crafted a unique campaign for American Express, drawing from the theme of getting more. Leap Year gives you more days, Amex is giving you more TV show time, and less ad time. The campaign will be weaving  branded content throughout shows like the Today show and The Voice, while reducing traditional advertising time. More shows, fewer ads…but maybe more branding throughout the shows.

This is a huge brand campaign for Buzzfeed and I’m curious to see how it rolls out. Read more about it on AdWeek.


The campaign that made me chuckle: Microsoft Office

Microsoft Leap Year Camaign

Ok, I thought it was funny!



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