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Optimizely makes it really easy to A/B test your website or app, but that doesn’t mean it lacks sophistication. In fact, Optimizely is packed with powerful features, and strong enough to support robust enterprise optimization programs.

While this is exactly why conversion rate optimization (CRO) experts love it, it’s also why everybody else on the team doesn’t use it. The non-experts don’t have time to figure out how to get the information they’re after, or are afraid they might break something. As a result, CRO experts have to spend more time reporting plans, status, and outcomes, and less time actually optimizing. It means that the rest of the team, and often key decision makers, can’t always get the information they need, when they need it.

We use Optimizely, and we love it, but we also experience this pain, so here’s what we did to solve it….

Monitor Optimizely Experiments

While Project MonkeyWorks acts like an infrastructure for collaborating on Optimizely experiments, the Monkey Monitor is more of a safety net. It sends the team alerts about potential problems with experiment variations or when an experiment is ready to review.

This helps CRO experts by telling them when there’s something that needs their attention, so they don’t have to keep logging in to check on things.

The Monitor is also a way for anyone on the team to be kept in the loop with this important information, so it’s not on the shoulders of one person.

There’s no limit to the number of Optimizely accounts you can connect to the Monitor, so this is particularly useful for agencies, who can also easily connect the alerts to the specific team working on that account.

Manage Optimizely Projects

We’re building an in-depth integration with Project MonkeyWorks, and it’s going to be ready really soon. Think of it like a replacement for that spreadsheet you’re probably using to communicate experiment proposals and status. Sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page if you want to be notified when it’s ready to use.


Create proposals for experiments, for review and approval by stakeholders. You can attach images to the proposals and provide more detail and context, to help your team understand what you’re trying to achieve with the experiment.


A lot of times, support is needed from the broader team, to get an experiment off the ground. Maybe there is design work to do, or a promotional code needs to be generated. Whatever the task, these can be assigned to the team and grouped right with the experiment in MonkeyWorks. That way, everyone can see what it will take to build the experiment and understand their part within that.


When experiments are running, it’s like watching a horse race – it’s exciting! Everyone involved wants to know what’s live, how it’s performing, and which variation is in the lead. And of course – when will it be ready! (More on that in the next section). With the Optimizely integration in MonkeyWorks, the whole team has this information at their fingertips.


The ultimate question is always, did it work or not? It’s easy for anyone with specialized expertise to start diving into the numbers and showing the various angles of success and failure, but that can be hard for the broader team to understand. This is where we’re creating a common language around the results. There was a hypothesis behind the experiment. Did we prove the hypothesis (winner), did we disprove it (loser), are we not sure (inconclusive) or did we not finish the experiment (unresolved).

We’re in beta, and we’d love for you to try the tools out and give us your feedback!



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