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Test, personalize and optimize with one easy-to-use platform for web and mobile apps.

A/B Testing |

Execute sophisticated testing

Optimizely makes it easy to quickly text and deliver targeted experiences for every customer. Run robust A/B, multivariate and multi-page testing for any stage of the customer experience.

Plan better and react faster

With MonkeyWorks, the whole team gets instant access to Optimizely experiment status and results. Propose experiments, assign tasks around related work, and keep track of key learnings over time. Make sure your team is notified when and experiment needs attention.


How we integrate:


MonkeyWorks Projects

Share your testing roadmap

Show people what variations looked like

Share experiment status and results

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MonkeyWorks Monitor

Make sure variations are getting visitors

Find out when they’re ready to review

Get notified when tests are nearly ready

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Optimizely for everyone

Optimizely makes it really easy to A/B test your website or app, but that doesn’t mean it lacks sophistication. In fact, Optimizely is packed with powerful features, and strong enough to support robust enterprise optimization programs. While this is exactly why... read more
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